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Campfire Cooking for Beginners

Duration - 1 day
When you work outdoors with groups, feeling confident to cook on the campfire is pretty important - especially in the colder months.  You can make pretty much anything on a camp fire, but you will need to be competent and confident at managing your fire, and the group who are cooking on it - that's before you have even thought about food hygiene, what to cook and how to cook it!   We love food here at Go Wild and we can show you some quick, easy and creative recipes that you can learn and practice in a day.  We are assuming that everyone attending this course is already camp fire competent.

What can I expect?


  • How to create a good cooking fire

  • Types of camp fire cooking equipment and where to get them

  • 3 quick camp fire snacks

  • 2 simple savoury meals to cook on the fire in less than 2 hours

  • 2 camp fire puddings

  • Food hygiene in the outdoors

  • Guiding groups to cook safely

  • Risk assessing your cooking activity



£55 per person


Frylands Wood Scout Centre



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