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Campfire Competency

Duration - 1-2 days.  The aim is for everyone to be fully competent and confident by the end of the course, leaving time in between for you to practice your skills before you need to use them for real.  This skill could be considered the most risky by insurers and you will need to demonstrate you have had adequate training. If you already have some experience then 1 day will probably be adequate, however if you are a complete beginner, we would advise taking the 2 day course.

Day 1

  • How to safely build, light, maintain and extinguish a camp fire on the ground

  • Identifying suitable fire sites

  • Understanding legislation around lighting fires in different settings

  • Identifying and collecting suitable firewood, kindling and tinder

  • Wood preparation and safe tool use

  • Opportunities to practice and learn

  • Time for reflection and one to one guidance


Day 2

  • How to build, light and maintain a camp fire in a raised dish

  • How to support people of all ages and abilities to enjoy a fire safely

  • Complete a camp fire risk assessment suited to your setting

  • Opportunities to practice and learn with one to one support

  • Experiment with different fire lays.

What can I expect?

£100 per person





Frylands Wood Scout Centre

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