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 2-3 May 2020

Beat the Lockdown blues and join us at our special online family festival this weekend! We've come together with some lovely and talented folk from our local community to bring you a fabulous selection of family activities to take you through the weekend from 9am on Saturday morning thru til 8pm on Sunday evening. (With time for sleep in between of course!)

We will be running some sessions on Facebook Live, some on Zoom and some will be pre-recorded. Links to Zoom and pre-recorded sessions will be posted up 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin. Two sessions require pre-booking, and that's Jenny Lockyer's 'Making' and 'Storytime' sessions on Saturday at 12 and 1pm.  Click here to register now.

Click on the icons to view a programme of activities on each day; you can also download the schedule by clicking on the arrow. Once there, you can click on the links or pictures for more info, and any materials you might need to get in advance of each activity. Everything will be aimed at people who don't have outside space, but we are encouraging folk who have gardens and tents to get their tents out and camp!!  Check out this great link from the Bestival event for how to build your own den indoors!

We also invite you to celebrate Beltaine with us this weekend (its actually this Friday 1st May) one of the ancient fire festivals of this land, which acknowledges and celebrates the bursting of Spring in all its glory!  Normally we'd be at Jack in the Green festival, but we'd like to take inspiration from this event, and encourage folk to dress in green, wear flowers and greenery in their hair, decorate the house or tent with greenery and flowers, and welcome in the Spring with gusto!

Rabbit tents.png

So, if you're joining us this weekend, we ask you to please bear with us as this is the first online thing like this we have ever attempted. We reserve the right to make changes to the programme at any time, although we will try not to!  As you know, online things are very alien to Go Wild With Us as we are, in normal life, advocates of the outdoors and letting go of screens. How the world has changed now though, and we find ourselves embracing the World Wild Web with deep gratitude! We look forward to connecting with you all this weekend!  Take care and blessings of Beltaine to you all  xxx

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