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Consultancy and support

We are always happy to share our experience and one of our missions is to see Forest School inspired outdoor learning embedded in as many early years settings and primary schools as possible.  Wouldn't it also be wonderful to see it in secondary education too?  Several Croydon Pupil Referral Units have realised the benefits, as have schools such as Bensham Manor Secondary School.

If you would like to discuss how Forest School inspired outdoor learning could work for you in your setting, or if you'd like some support with the logistics of getting something set up - whether in local green spaces or on your own turf, we have lots of experience in making things work in a variety of settings, with however little green space you may have.

Our first consultation chat is free and after that we charge £30 per hour.

Email us at if you'd like to arrange a meeting, we'd be so happy to hear from you!

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