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Stay Wild, Stay Safe

Having fun, being free, being safe together.

Our Wildwood Experience sessions are continuing however we've had to make some changes to the way we work due to the physical restrictions we are currently experiencing.  If you know us, then you know how difficult we find restrictions of any kind, however we want you to know that we do this because we want to keep our elders and more vulnerable friends and family safe and well, so we are grateful for your help with this.

Unless evidence is provided of double vaccination, we will be observing distancing rules, however parents / participants must acknowledge that participating young people may at times come into physical contact with others, particularly if they need first aid, or just through forgetfulness on their behalf.  We will do our best to make sure physical distancing is maintained with regular reminders, and activities which allow good distancing to be maintained.  We will also ensure that distanced seating around the camp fire is adhered to and that young people do not share tools, gloves, food or clothing.

In particular we need you to agree to the following;

  • If any young person, parent or member of their household / 'support bubble’ have any clear symptoms of Covid 19, we would prefer for the young person not to attend the session until a negative test result from that day is provided.  

  • Each group forms a ‘Tribe’ for the duration of the day.  If any participant or staff member in that Tribe presents with clear Covid 19 symptoms at any time during the session, the session will end, parents will be notified and the individual will go for testing, with follow up checks from staff.

There are other groups due to be at Frylands Wood but they are in designated areas.  We may pass them by as we head out on adventures, but will discourage close interaction.  We will be sharing a toilet block which is cleaned before and after we arrive and leave.  Participants will be escorted to the toilets and will go two at a time, sanitising hands beforehand at the units provided.   Please also make sure your child brings their own hand sanitiser.


Tools will be disinfected after each use, with each user sanitising their hands before use.   Craft materials such as clay, string, wool etc will be issued to individuals for their use only.

Young people need to bring their own labelled water bottles and packed lunches.  We will be cooking marshmallows, but each person will have their own cooking stick which we will burn afterwards, and staff will ensure they are wearing disposable gloves to handle the marshmallows and biscuits.  Some other simple cooking may take place at this time, but will be done in a Covid Safe way, with no sharing of utensils, plates or bowls.

We reserve the right to cancel sessions should government guidance change at any time, or if there is an incident within a Tribe / youth group 

Other than all of that, we will continue to be as Wild as we ever were, and look forward to getting back out there again!

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch by emailing

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