About Wildheart

Our yoga facilitator Suzy is the founder of Go Wild With Us UK, and in 2018 started her yoga training after a lifetime's connection with yoga and over 15 years of dedicated personal practice - mainly in the Iyengar tradition - and living a yogic lifestyle.  She joyfully qualified in early 2019 on a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified course with Live Love Yoga. 


Her teaching style is deeply influenced by the roots of Hatha yoga, and the eight limbs of Raja yoga, and due to her personal practice, her classes have a strong focus on alignment and gently holding asanas for longer periods.  However she also loves to free flow and experiment with ways of connecting the body and mind with the breath, and is also currently exploring the quiet wonder of Yoga Nidra.    

She is now really happy to be offering 3 regular weekly yoga classes, as well as ad hoc wellbeing experiences grounded in nature, all around Croydon and beyond.  

A lifelong advocate of working in nature to reconnect people of all ages with their natural environment, she is glad to be able to offer folk support in reconnecting with body and mind through yoga., and although her regular classes take place indoors at various locations in Croydon, there are plenty of opportunities for folk to try yoga out in nature!  (Just click our special events button for more info.)


Our yogic ethos

  • We invite kindness into the yoga room - starting with yourself.

  • We believe in working safely, but we like to practice with a sense of playfulness and lighthearted exploration.

  • We recognise that everybody (and every body) is different.  Each yoga asana (pose) will look different on and feel different for every person, and everyone has their own range of movement. 

  • We value and encourage the skill of listening to the wisdom of the body in all our classes

  • We believe correct alignment to be important, but recognise also the value of 'the flow' and will often work accompanied by gentle music.

  • We acknowledge that you know your own body best and we aspire to help you to understand that and take ownership for your own, safe yoga practice.

  • We offer sessions developed in tune with nature, with the seasons, the moon phases, the weather and the vibe of the yoga room on the day.  Through this you are invited to come into a greater awareness of your place in the natural rhythm of things.

  • We won't embarrass you or cause discomfort by physically assisting you unless you ask us to, but we hope you don't mind if we gently intervene if we feel your body is at risk of injury.

  • We are not doctors.  We are not even experts in our field, so we cannot offer medical advice, however we do know a little about how the body works, about what should feel good and what can help folk to find balance, openness and a sense of wellbeing in our  increasingly busy and stressful lives.

  • We are always deeply honoured and grateful for being trusted to support people on their yoga journey.


'The sacred in me recognises the sacred in you.'