Reconnecting body and mind.

Rediscovering inner peace.

Join us and do your weekly class at home as

often as you like!  

We are offering our weekly, hour long classes to anyone who'd like to try!  Suzy films one delicious, slow flow class every week, and then sends it out by email to everyone who has signed up.

Pay as you go -  £5 per class

Book 4 in advance -  £15.

We also throw in a free short Sun Salutation video for those who are making their first booking - a wonderful way to start your day!

We are also offering 'Distance Yoga' in Wettern Tree Gardens​ at 9.30 am on Tuesdays.  Email us for availibilty.  £7 drop in

 Finally we are running a Zoom Yoga class every Friday Morning at 10.30-11.30am


Pay as you go  - £5 per class

Book 4 in advance  -  £10

We offer a bundle of video and Zoom class for £21 per month.

Come on!  Come to the mat.  Do it in the living room or in your garden!  Use this time wisely and well to reconnect with your body, slow down and ground yourself. 


All will be well. 


All things pass


We'll get through this together x