Family Woodland fun every school holiday!

Come with your family and take part in seasonal woodland crafts, camp fire cooking, exploring, games and storytelling.  Activities are suitable for 2+ but babies are always very welcome!  We try and cater for all ages, so it means that you can bring your little ones and your bigger ones to the same event.  For this reason we just ask that you bear this in mind if not all the activities we're offering are suitable for your child.  

We offer sessions at a range of woodlands so visit our calendar here to find out the details of where we're playing.


We like the idea of free play and will be perfectly happy for children to dip in and out of activities as they choose.  They may even start activities of their own too, which is fine by us!


Activities are different from day to day each holiday, so you could come to more than one session and not get the sense you'd been there before!


Advance payment

£6 (unwaged)

£8 (waged)

£10 (generosity)

On the day (if we are not already booked)

£8 (unwaged)

£10 (waged)

£12 (generosity)

Please do let us know that you intend to come in case we don't have enough craft materials or marshmallows!, either drop us an email or send a text to 07729769663

We'll next be having fun here:

February - 11am - 1pm

Tuesday 18th - Grangewood Park,

Upper Norwood


Thursday 20th - Foxley Wood, Purley