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Family Summer Camp 29 - 31 July 2022

A relaxed family camp in the lovely Frylands Wood for those who want to spend some quality time with their children in nature, with some accompanying activities and plenty of space to roam. Camp fires, crafts, games, exploring, yoga, storytelling. Ideal for first time campers looking for some support!  Suitable for all ages - babies upwards.


This is particularly great if you are new to camping with your children but would like to give it a try in a safe space, not too far from home if you need to beat a retreat in the wee small hours!   


Two communal evening meals cooked over the camp fire are provided and basic breakfast - we do ask that everyone mucks in to help though - and we have some limited stores of basic camping gear for hire including tents.  


There are toilets and basic showers, running water and washing up facilities, but the camp will be simple and very much 'back to nature'. You are welcome to bring your own cooking equipment for other meals, or use the camp fire.

1 Night Camp

Child £30 (Low income)

£40 (waged)

£50 (generosity)

Adult £15 (low income)

£20 (waged)

£25 (generosity)

2 Night Camp

Child £50 (low income)

£60 (waged)

£70 (generosity)

Adult £25 (low income)

£30 (waged)

£35 (generosity)

• Maximum of 2 adults per family  •  Sibling discount available  

• Booking in advance only.  Click this link to book:

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