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Forest School


Our Forest School sessions are wonderful experiences for everyone. The children and young people lead the way into exploration, experimentation and creativity. There is no technology other than the most basic hand tools (and the occasional bat detector!) and activities which really get back to the basics.

We experiment safely here, take supported risks and there is no final goal to achieve, just lots of experiences which gradually build self confidence, resilience, independence and creativity. Learning is gained through experiencing a variety of activities which can be applied back in the wider world.  

Through this contact with nature and each other, we begin to understand about how we can affect our own precious environment. We learn to start taking responsibility for the people and places around us. Most of all we remember how to play, how to go with the flow and have fun!

Our Forest School leaders are trained to observe the children as individuals and to appreciate individual learning styles. This enables them to facilitate further learning and progression through provision of appropriate support.

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