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Introduction to Facilitating Outdoor Learning (OCN accredited Level 1)

Croydon's first accredited level 1 OCN accredited short course for those wanting to begin the journey of facilitating outdoor learning. Working in partnership with Surrey Wildlife Trust, we have devised a short, accredited training course for anyone wanting to start the outdoor learning journey, either as a teacher, TA, childcare professional, parent or community group leader.


We have made the course relate particularly to outdoor learning in Croydon and we explore various aspects of the concept of learning outdoors, in particular the Forest School approach.  It is a very practical, hands on course, with plenty of activity ideas, practical activity around risk benefit analysis, a chance to see how a woodland based Forest School might be laid out, Q and A opportunities, a little home study, some simple written recordings of learning and we hope plenty of food for thought to kick start your outdoor learning journey.

Course dates: 2021  

£90 per person

Email us for more information and to book your place.

 June 29th 

 September 14th

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