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The Nitty Gritty 


We like our group sizes to be small..then everyone gets what they need from the day.  We like groups of up to 12 people, but can cater for multiple groups at a time.  We are known for being flexible, so do ask if you have other requirements.  


We work all year round!  Every season brings something new to experience, whether its a nice full stream to splash about in, a wildflower meadow to lie in, a muddy pathway to track animals or a frozen lake to explore. We always say that there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!   So lets talk about what to wear...


OLD CLOTHES - Don't wear or bring anything that you mind getting muddy, wet or torn, and spares are always a good idea. If you're coming in the colder months, we swear by the old wisdom of wearing lots of layers! Thin fleecy ones are best, but because we're well prepared, we have spares we can lend you - they're not posh, but they'll keep you warm!


WATERPROOF JACKET - even in fact ESPECIALLY in August! You never know when those sneaky rain clouds will appear. And of course we have spares we can lend you too.


ROBUST FOOTWEAR - wellies are good in the wet, and useful for splashing about in rivers but can be a little chilly. We will be wearing our trusty walking boots, but we have a few spare wellies around that we can lend. 


If its warmer weather, we advise that you don't wear shorts, just light weight trousers, and keep on those robust walking boots/trainers and socks. That way, pesky little creatures like ticks and mosquitos can't chomp on your ankles!


If you're doing an over-nighter, never fear, there's a whole kit list we will send you.

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