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Natural Landscapes

Duration - 1 day We believe an understanding of the natural world is essential for anyone working outdoors.  Developing an awareness of our own responsibilities towards our natural environment, how we can minimise our impact on the natural spaces we are are working in, knowing about the rhythms of nature, the plants, trees and creatures living around us and how they all work together, is the very least we can do to ensure we honour the land on which we work, and pass on that knowledge and sense of responsibility to those with whom we work.  This way we can keep growing a community of folk that cares about (and for) the natural  world in which we all live.

What can I expect?

  • Native tree identification

  • Seasonal wild herbs / plant identification

  • Natural Rhythms all around us

  • Basic woodland management

  • Natural navigation

  • Minimising our impact

  • Thinking about a land management plan


£50 per person


Frylands Wood Scout Centre



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