Our pricing scheme...

We really want to make our work in nature as accessible to as many people as we can, so we're offering a 'tiered' pricing system that a few community based organisations use pretty successfully, and which hopefully might enable people who have small or no incomes to attend, whilst still covering our costs.   


We're offering four different prices for our holiday clubs - one for unwaged, or very low income folk, one for waged folk, a 'generosity' price for those who would like to cover the shortfall for someone attending who would otherwise not be able to afford to come., and a 'helping hand' price for anyone who requires it. 


The 'Helping Hand' price on our Kids Wild Adventure Club sessions,  is the old 'pre-covid' price we charged when we were able and happy to have up to 15 children together.  Since working with lower numbers over the past year, we've really appreciated the great benefits of this to the children (particularly those who have additional needs), and have taken the decision to keep numbers in our tribes to a maximum of 10 participants.   There will be 2 x 'Helping Hand' spaces on each session, and 2 x Unwaged spaces per session.  In order to share the love, there is a limit of 2 lower price spaces per person for the summer.  Just enquire when booking.  These spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

We really hope this makes the sessions more affordable and accessible for folk - particularly for those with more than one child. We are not aiming to make large amounts of money from any of our sessions, just cover what it costs us to be wherever we are, pay our staff a fair wage and cover resources and planning time so we can hopefully provide you all a great quality service.  


Prices for each activity are listed next to the descriptions on the relevant pages.