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Really Wild Days - Ages 6-13 


Let your children Go Even Wilder with us!


Our Really Wild Days are more structured, specialist sessions for children aged 7+ with a focus on one particular activity or skill in the morning and a free flow Forest School afternoon.  Here's a flavour of what we can offer. Look at the orange box at the bottom to find out what's on this holiday...

  • Survival with Suzy - Come and find out if you have what it takes to survive in the wild for the day!  Making fire by friction, cooking simple food over the fire, shelter building and natural navigation. (full day)

  • Assault Course and Wild Fitness Fun with the Wild Fitness team.  We'll be using the assault course at Frylands (you know, the one with the slides that all the children see while they're waiting and always want to use?!) and a combination of fun Outdoor Fitness activities with our own Wild Fitness Instructor Hannah.


  • Tomahawks - Yes indeedy!  Axe throwing with the team at Frylands Wood.  Safe but thrilling and once you've done it once, you just want to keep trying!

  • Archery - Make like Robin Hood and learn how to shoot a bow and arrow with the team at Frylands Wood.

  • Climbing - Face your fears and learn how to climb using the Frylands Wood Climbing tower - you can see what the birds see from the treetops!

  • Woodland Art - Artists charcoal making, Hapa Zome, and land art installations with our resident artists.

  • The Wild Games - Lots of fun wide games and challenges with Hannah from Wildfitness.

  • Campfire Cooking - Foraging, creating and cooking delicious food on the campfire.

No parents are needed, so its an opportunity for you to have some much needed 'You Time' (who are we kidding - probably you'll go food shopping, decorate the hall, take the cat to the vet, but anyway...!)


Booking in advance is essential as we need a signed and completed consent form for every child taking part as we will have duty of care for your precious ones while they are with us.

£25.50 (low income)

£44.50 (standard)

£54.50 (generosity)

To find out more about our 'access for all' pricing scheme please visit

Our next adventures will be at :

Frylands Wood Scout Centre - 10.30 - 3.30pm  

July 26th - Beekeeping

August 2nd - Woodland Art

August 9th - The Wild Games

August 16th - Campfire Cookery

Booking in advance is essential for all Really Wild days, and can be done online on our Eventbrite page.

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