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So the thing is, children (and adults if we just allowed ourselves to) are naturally drawn to outside play, and research shows time and again that it is vital to positive child development.


Yet here we are losing much of precious childhood to screens - a boggling 1000 hours a year on average. It's the same for adults too.

Life can feel very full, and its difficult to make time to get out into nature. It's often easier to stay in the warm and dry, especially in the colder months, but we ALL suffer for this lack of time outdoors.

Lots of research highlights that lack of outdoor time means we sleep less well, we get low in vitamin D, we are unable to get rid of energy which means we can't concentrate so well, we get stressed and angry more easily, our immune systems suffer and we get unwell more regularly and our mental health inevitably deteriorates as we become less and less able to 'switch off'.

1,000 hours outside over calendar year, though daunting, is doable!! Yes it is!! If we do it together then even if we don't make it all, we will at least have had fun and fresh air trying!!  We have a list of dates below where we are hosting FREE meet ups all around the borough over 2020.

Click here for a cool download from '1000 hours outside' pioneers Ginny and Josh in Southeast Michigan, to track your outside time. We're starting with the 'First 100' and will see how we get on!

Send us your pics of what you get up to to our 1000 hours Facebook Page , and your recommendations for free or very low cost outside activities and places to go in and around Croydon and surrounding areas.


Let's Do This!!!

Dates for 2019

1st February - Croham Hurst

7th March -  Wettern Tree Gardens

9th April - Farthing Downs

2 May - Kings Wood

20 June - Kenley Common 

4 July - Littleheath Wood

1 August - Shirley Hills

19 September - Selsdon Wood

3 October - Coombe Wood

1 November - Littleheath Wood

19 December - Foxley Wood

Wear warm, waterproof clothing and footwear, bring a picnic and maybe something waterproof to sit on.

Meet up details on our calendar at"> email us at or text 07729769663 to join our WhatsApp group


10.30am - 1pm