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Stay Wild, Stay Safe

Having fun, being free, being safe together.

Our Kids Club sessions are continuing now without restrictions.  Hooray!


We are still keeping our groups nice and small, and we are aware that Covid has not gone away, so we still need you to agree to the following;

  • If any parent, child or member of their household / 'support bubble’ have any clear symptoms of Covid 19, we would prefer for the child not to attend the session until a negative lateral flow result is received.  

  • If any child tests positive for Covid 19,  they should not attend, and should follow gov guidelines here

  • Each group forms a ‘Tribe’ for the duration of the day.  If any child or staff in that Tribe presents with clear Covid 19 symptoms at any time during the session, parents will be notified and we advise the individual to have a lateral flow test.  We ask parents to let us know if their child has tested positive if they have been out with us.

Children need to bring their own labelled water bottles and packed lunches.  

We reserve the right to cancel sessions should government guidance change at any time, or if there is an incident within a Tribe / class at school.  

Other than all of that, we will continue to be as Wild as we ever were, and look forward to getting back out there again!

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch by emailing

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