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Wild and Safe Together

Our family sessions and camps are back on!


We are offering our retreat, pop up sessions in the park and family days as before, for limited numbers.

In particular we need you to agree to the following;

  • If any parent, child or member of their ‘bubble’ have any symptoms of Covid 19, we would prefer it if you did not attend the camp / session without evidence of a negative lateral flow test taken that day.

  •  If any child or staff presents with clear Covid 19 symptoms at any time during the session, we request that they get a lateral flow test as soon as possible and notify us of the result.

We reserve the right to cancel sessions should government guidance change at any time, or if there is an incident on the day.  We cannot refund bookings which are cancelled in an unforeseen change due to government guidelines.

Other than all of that, we will continue to be as Wild as we ever were, and look forward to getting back out there with you again!

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch by emailing

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