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Tree Yoga

Tree yoga is a concept that Suzy has been keen to bring to folk for some time.  As a yoga practitioner with a life so firmly rooted in nature, it was a small step for her to start bringing yoga into outside spaces.

If you've ever attended any Go Wild sessions with Suzy, you will know that yoga inevitably sneaks its way in somewhere!  Now it's time for the Yoga to take centre stage in the launch of our first outdoor Tree Yoga sessions of 2020.

What is Tree Yoga?

I'm a Suzy has always used equipment in her practice to support and deepen the work of both her and her students.  During the many hours she spent outside in her working life, Suzy was drawn to to use trees and other natural items as support to her yoga. Trees, grass or mud surfaces, rocks and stumps were discovered to be very solid, supportive friends to this outdoor yogi!  They lend themselves particularly well to creating a strong sense of grounding and centredness, which can take longer to achieve in an indoor space.


There is sheer joy in practicing yoga outdoors all year round, but you must come prepared!  In the winter months the practice is likely be much more inwardly focused, with more walking meditation, pranayama and taking solitary space to be.  There are still plenty of asanas that can be done in warm, waterproof clothing though!


Winter will see us using the trees to help us spend more time in individual asanas with mindful walking connecting the poses.  

Warmer, dryer weather will see us making full expansive use of grass surfaces and maybe indulging in more flowing, ground based yoga sequences.


Whatever the weather, you'll find us hanging and stretching, balancing, forward and backward bending over branches, doing downward dog on a log and yes even savasana laying on a tarp or if you dare, straight on the forest floor among the leaves!


Prices and how to book

Session 1 Launch - Monday 10th February 2020, 10.30am - 12.00pm

£10 - book in advance by emailing



6 week block booking - Monday 24th February - Monday 30th March 2020

£50 - advance booking / £10 per weekly booking



To secure your spot, contact us at or drop us a call on 07729769663



We provide folding sit mats (available to buy with our lovely branding on them so you can go off and do this in your own time!).  In the winter we advise light but plenty of warm layers, preferably with light waterproof over trousers and a waterproof jacket so you can lean on things, or be touching the earth and stay dry.  Travel light, leave your mobile in the car and bring a bottle of water and have a snack waiting for the end!

Quiet Forest

What to expect

To be touching the earth and trees with your bare hands, and in warmer months, we invite you to do this in your bare feet too.  'Barefoot shoes' are always an option all year round.


An informal free flow approach which follows a planned walking route in Winter and which in Summer could also combine longer sequences using one grassy spot, with a shorter walk.


Mindful walking between each asana or aspect of the practice.


A theme to hold in your mind each week. It might be something like 'Spring', 'openness', 'back bends' or 'strength'.  


Occasional dog walkers passing by in some places where there are fabulous trees that we like to use on or near pathways, but we will also find secluded spots for other asanas, meditation and savasana (relaxation) in particular


Plenty of talking and laughter while doing some asanas as Suzy always takes a light-hearted approach, however there will be space for silence.  Sessions will begin with a walking meditation, which will take place in silence.  We find that this removes the immediate awkwardness of needing to make small talk, and allows folk to start to become completely immersed in their surroundings. 


Weather.  Its all around!  We'll be heading out unless it's torrential rain or high winds, and we'll let you know as soon as we can if the session is not going ahead.


To feel more grounded, centred, at peace and connected with nature, and for your body, mind and breath to be working in greater harmony.   

Golden Chakra
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