What happens in our Forest School sessions?


Forest School leaders introduce activities to the group in order to awaken their interest, insprire their creativity and give the group ideas to develop themselves. 

As the weeks progress, and the children become familiar with their outdoor space, the safe routines of Forest School, and the possibilities open to them, they are encouraged to initiate their own play and develop ideas at their own pace. Forest School leaders are trained to observe the children as individuals and to appreciate individual learning styles. This enables them to facilitate further learning and progression through provision of appropriate support.

Activities really do vary greatly and it is not possible to list everything here but a typical session could include;

Safe fire

& fire


camp fire cooking

Art & sculpture using woodland materials

Nature inspired


Activities based on nature-led stories such as The Gruffalo

Activites using hand tools and natural resources

Natural play

or rope trails

Den building with natural materials

Wild yoga & movement

Earth & mud play

Games, stories and chat to promote environmental awareness


Exploration and Discovery