Reconnecting body and mind.

Rediscovering inner peace.

Wildheart Yoga is back 'in person' and online!

We are returning to Addiscombe Catholic Church on Wednesday 19th May, 10am - 11am, and will be running Friday lunchtime classes (1.45-2.45) at St John the Divine in Selsdon.  You can also continue to join Suzy online and have your weekly class at home.  There is a Zoom session every Friday at 10.30-11.30am, and there is also an offering of a weekly yoga video to join in with at your leisure.

About Wildheart

Our yoga facilitator Suzy is the founder of Go Wild With Us UK, and in 2018 started her yoga training after a lifetime's connection with yoga and over 15 years of dedicated personal practice - mainly in the Iyengar tradition with Bernadette Corrigan - and living a yogic lifestyle.  She became qualified in early 2019 via a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified course with the wonderful 'Live Love Yoga'


Her teaching style is deeply influenced by the roots of Hatha yoga, and the eight limbs of Raja yoga, and due to her personal practice, her classes have a strong focus on alignment and gently holding asanas for longer periods.  However she also loves to free flow and experiment with ways of connecting the body and mind with the breath, and is also currently exploring the quiet wonder of Yoga Nidra.    

She is now really happy to be offering 3 regular weekly yoga classes, as well as ad hoc wellbeing experiences grounded in nature, all around Croydon and beyond.  

A lifelong advocate of working in nature to reconnect people of all ages with their natural environment, she is glad to be able to offer folk support in reconnecting with body and mind through yoga. Although most of her regular classes take place indoors at various locations in Croydon, (and now online too!) the yoga will always be rooted in the ancient rhythms of nature.

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